Low Volume Manufacturing & Production Services

From 10 to 100,000 units, low volume manufacturing is the best pathway to move from prototype to production smoothly. WayKen provides on-demand low volume production with the ability to quickly deliver custom parts.

What is Low-Volume Manufacturing?

Low-volume manufacturing is a rapid production method that precedes full-scale production, ranging from 10 to 100,000 units. It does not require investment in expensive production tools, but reduces risk, allows design flexibility, shortens time-to-market, and creates opportunities for production cost savings. Additionally, it provides agility and quick turnaround for on-demand manufacturing in the supply chain.

Effective and Efficient Low Volume Production & Manufacturing

As product lifecycle shrink and new product development cycles shorten, flexible innovation and time-to-market remain critical. To meet customization and diversity demands, production lines gravitate towards low-volume manufacturing.

Low-Volume Production | WayKen
low volume prototyping

Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing

  • More flexible design iterations
    Creating low volume manufacturing allows for more efficient verification of design, engineering and manufacturability.
  • Short turnaround times and low costs
    Tooling is cost-effective for low volume manufacturers to handle orders quickly and flexibly, with no minimum order quantities.
  • Closing the gap to production
    Low volume trial runs bridge the gap between prototype and production, timely identifying and resolving any issues before moving to mass production.
  • Reduced time to market faster
    Low volume manufacturing services optimize the link between production to supply chain and consumer, providing rapid time-to-market for new products.
  • Why Choose Wayken for Low Volume Manufacturing?

    A Wide Range of Low Volume Manufacturing Process Options
    We offer a wide range of manufacturing services for low volume production needs of metal and plastic parts. Our services include CNC machining, plastic injection molding, metal casting, sheet metal fabrication and more, as well as one-stop surface finishing options.

    ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control
    As an experienced low volume manufacturer, our strict quality control processes and advanced testing equipment ensure that your low volume production parts always meet the desired quality standards.

    Leverage the Complete Resources of Our Chinese Supply Chain
    Our extensive manufacturing technology, experience, and ability to consolidate resources can meet your machining needs. We offer low-volume manufacturing processes via top-notch facilities to undertake any project requirements.

    Flexible Order Processing with Fast DFM Response
    No minimum order quantities, we provide faster and more flexible orders. With rapid DFM feedback anticipate potential problems, we help you solve engineering challenges and reduce production costs to meet your low volume manufacturing needs at any time.

    Our Low Volume Manufacturing Capabilities

    Let WayKen Handle All Your Custom Manufacturing Needs

    WayKen is committed to providing high-quality custom parts that strictly meet your design requirements and specifications via vast low-volume manufacturing services, including CNC machining, rapid injection molding, vacuum casting, metal casting, sheet metal, press forging, aluminum extrusion, and more. We continue to enhance production management, process improvement, supply chain collaboration, and cost control to continuously improve customer satisfaction with fast, efficient, and competitive pricing.

    Low Volume Injection Molding

    Rapid Injection Molding

    We combine traditional injection mold machining methods with rapid mold manufacturing, ranging from voluminous test parts to on-demand molded parts. We handle the transition from small to mass production runs.

    Low-Volume CNC Machining

    Low Volume CNC Machining

    As a specialized manufacturer of CNC machining, we are equipped with advanced 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining centers to provide complex geometries and customized low volume CNC machining for vast manufacturing requirements.

    polyurethane parts in low-volume

    Urethane Vacuum Casting

    Silicone molds are made using additive manufacturing technology or CNC-machined masters to produce high-quality plastic-like polyurethane parts in low-volume for functional testing and pre-production evaluation.

    low-volume sheet metal

    Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Our fabrication capabilities include stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, red brass, galvanized materials, and fabrication of frames, equipment panels, enclosures, chassis, brackets, and more. We cater to sheet metal fabrication, from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production.

    Aluminum extrusion in low-volume

    Aluminum Extrusion

    Aluminum extrusion is suitable for manufacturing aluminium parts or profiles with consistent cross-sectional shape, usually using aluminum alloy 6061 and 6063 material extrusion. It also supplements CNC post-processing, including drilling, tapping, etc.

    low-volume metal casting

    Rapid Metal Casting

    We can provide pressure die-casting for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, alongside investment casting for steel and copper. Additionally, we offer post-CNC casting finishing and flexible production methods for low-volume metal casting project requirements.

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