Advanced Machining Services: Bring Your Ideas To Life

advanced machining services

As we know, a computer performs its value relying on two important components: hardware and software. Likewise, advanced machining services consist of these two components, slightly different from the former, but with similar overall points of gist.
“Hardware”: Machine & Process Selection & Inspection Instruments;
“Software”: Technical Evaluation & Processing Solution Development.

The Advanced machines meet various machining process

WayKen is equipped with advanced machines such as 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines, including Hass vertical machining center from the USA, Beijing Jingdiao high-speed cutting and milling machine, etc. The wide range of machines provides us with a great variety of machining. WayKen excels in customized machining projects with complex structures and high precision requirements, it really bases on advanced machines.advanced machining factory

Advanced machining processes, offer you various customized designs

Milling: The vertical machining center (vertical CNC milling machine with tool magazine) uses multi-flute rotary tools to cut and process the workpiece. It can process flat surfaces, grooves, split-tooth parts, spiral surfaces, and various curved surfaces, and can also perform compound machining such as drilling, boring, reaming, and tapping threads.

Turning: The turning tool is used to turn the rotating workpiece. On the lathe, tools such as drills, reaming drills, reamers, taps, plates, and knurling tools can be applied to complete the processing of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, tapered surfaces, formed rotary surfaces and annular grooves, turning sections, drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping threads, knurling and other processes.

EDM: Using the corrosion phenomenon generated by the spark discharge to process the size of the material, it belongs to the non-contact processing, which can process any difficult to machine metal materials and conductive materials, and can process the parts with complex shapes and special requirements.

Wire EDM: the use of continuously moving thin metal wire (called electrode wire) as the electrode, the workpiece for pulse spark discharge etching metal, cutting the shape. It is mainly used to process a variety of workpieces with complex shapes and fine precision.

WayKen also has the ability of other advanced machining processes such as laser cutting, etc. Based on our extensive machining processes, we can offer various customized designs for our customers.

Advanced inspection instruments to ensure product quality

A complete range of advanced inspection instruments such as CMM, 3D scanner, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, thin-thickness gauge, R gauge, etc. achieve accurate measurement of dimensional/positioning/geometric/contour accuracy, surface roughness, hardness, deformation, internal and external R-angle of parts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final product.quality assurance of advanced machining

Professional advance maching services to optimize your design

WayKen has a team of experienced engineers who can offer you with a professional technical evaluation based on your preliminary design drawings to help you optimize all aspects of the part’s function, external contours, internal details, dimensions, tolerances, accuracy, machining methods, etc.

Experienced advanced machining solutions

With decades of experience in the machining field, Wayken’s team members can quickly integrate resources to develop advanced machining solutions for you.


The “hardware” is the cornerstone of our advanced machining services, and the “software” is the backbone that gives WayKen the ability to optimize designs and develop advanced machining solutions for our customers. The two complement each other to make up a widely recognized advanced machining service.

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