Deburring Guide: Principle, Types, and Methods

Deburring and surface finishing technology tend to be more precise and ultra-precision level, more intelligent and automated, invariably improving the quality of products and the efficiency of production.

digital part production

The Art of Digital Part Production

Digital part production optimizes the overall production process while boosting quality and reducing time to market, realizing the creating of perfect parts.

different metal material

Metal Strength: A Basic Guide and Chart

There are different types of metal strength: yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength. Check how to choose the right metal.

Types of Fasteners and Their Application

Fasteners are an important component of the manufacturing industry. From bolts and nuts to rivets, different types of mechanical fasteners have their unique application.

CNC machined Delrin

A Basic Guide About Machining in Delrin

With the resistance of friction, impact, and high corrosion resistance, Delrin has high machinability, and is suitable for machining processes like milling and turning.


ISO Certified Prototype Company

ISO 9001 certified rapid prototype maker assures prototyping and manufacturing solutions in detail of your project requirement.

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