How to choose the best CNC Machining Services in China


Posted on: June 20, 2018, | By WayKen Rapid

There are many methods to choose from when creating a prototype. But almost always, the first choice of research and development engineers is CNC machining because of its availability and quality made innovators rely on this process. CNC machining services in China play an important role in the global manufacturing industry. How to choose the best CNC Machining Services in China? Hope this article can help you.

Custom CNC Machining Services for Many Industries

As an ISO 9001: 2005 certified customer-oriented CNC precision machining company in China, Wayken provides highly flexible prototype parts or low-volume manufacturing solutions. Equipped with advanced precision CNC machining centers, we deliver custom CNC machining services for many industries.

We are serving for Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Design, Medical devices, Education & Culture, Aerospace & National Defense and etc. Each month, we deliver lots of custom machined parts to our customers from the globe.

Advantages of CNC Machining

  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable for low volume manufacturing
  • CNC prototypes featured with high precision and tolerance specifications
  • Rapid CNC machining offers great smooth surface finishing
  • Wide range of products and rapid prototype manufacturing materials

Factors to Consider When Choosing CNC Machining Services in China

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1. CNC Milling and CNC Turning

From prototyping to full production runs.  We combine the advanced CNC milling & Turing processes with our proprietary in-house technology to deliver high quality, accuracy, on-demand parts, especially for CNC milling parts & CNC turned parts.

2. Multi-axis CNC Machining

By using flexible machining ways, we usually combine conventional machining with the latest 3-5-axis CNC precision machining, which can help you minimize the machining cost while increasing your competitive edge. Your parts with complex geometries can be produced by Our advanced 5-axis CNC machine. Trust us!!! We are dedicating to providing you best CNC machined products at the most competitive prices.

3. Materials used in Precision CNC machining

Here, we can machine various engineering materials. For metals, we can produce Aluminum (6061 / 6063 / 7075 / 5052…), Copper, Stainless steel, Steel, Brass, Titanium, Magnesium Alloy, Titanium alloy, Bronze, etc.; for plastics and other materials: ABS, PC, POM, PE, PVC, PMMA (Acrylic, HDPE, PEEK, PEI, etc.

4. Surface Finishes for CNC Machining

Surface treatment of parts can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness, and chemical resistance of the processed parts. Here, we offer one-stop surface finishing operations for the clients, including laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, chroming, chemical finishing, powder coating, etc.

5. Tolerances For Precision Machining

At Wayken, our general tolerances are controlled to DIN-ISO-2768 (medium) for machined plastic and DIN-ISO-2768 (fine) for machined metals as standards for the CNC prototype.

6.Quality Assurance for Machined Components

In our machine shop, we have an experienced and qualified team committed to the timely delivery of high-quality machined components. We always hold the working principles of high standards by carrying out the strict quality inspection process, making your prototype or products succeed in testing.

7. Professional Team

Over 20 year’s experience in the prototype machining industry, Our engineers and machinists can well operate the equipment to optimize the machining time, surface finish, and final tolerance to meet your design specifications. Also, our project managers also can communicate with the customers frequently in English and giving you fast feedback.

Working with the Right CNC Machine Shop in China

CNC project-02

If you are looking for a CNC machine shop in China, WayKen is happy to cooperate with you! Here, you can get satisfying CNC machining service, including custom CNC metal parts, CNC plastic parts, from rapid prototype to low volume production with fast delivery, and low cost.

At the present stage, we, Wayken selects a wide variety of materials including production plastics, metals, and other composites to cast fast turnaround and high-quality models to customers satisfactory for product materials. And we have a great advantage over CNC machining capabilities aim to produce the finest, highly accurate visual design models, full-functioning engineering prototypes, or master patterns. All these we do just to provide manufacturing experience for all customers.

Are you looking for CNC Machining China, WayKen is a definitely great partner! We always promise that you will get the best custom CNC parts, CNC metal parts, machined aluminum, prototype production within less than 7 days!

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