CNC Machining Services in China: Choosing the Right Company

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China is one of the world’s leading global CNC machining services providers. The CNC machining services China companies serve local and international manufacturing industries. Since only a few other countries can match China for efficiency and cost of production, product managers often choose a Chinese machine shop.

This article will discuss why you should outsource CNC machining needs to China. We will also guide you through the factors you should consider before choosing a CNC machining service in China.

Why Do Companies Outsource Their CNC Machining Needs?

The main reason why companies work with an external CNC machine shop is the exposure to industrial machining technologies. Third-party CNC machining companies often provide a large factory space and a skilled workforce to operate machining tools.

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CNC machining requires tools that take up large spaces, require safe factory environments, and use heavy and large raw materials. Some companies do not have the capacity to invest in an in-house CNC machining facility. Therefore, they employ the services of external CNC machine shops without investing large capital in expensive hardware.
Furthermore, it’s difficult to find a skilled machining workforce.

Executing a CNC machining project requires huge expertise and experience. The complex processes require highly skilled operators that most companies do not have. Thus, they tend to outsource their CNC machining needs to save labor costs and focus on other parts of their business.

Why Choose China CNC Machining Services?

The massive adoption of CNC machining technologies in China has attracted companies worldwide. Here are some reasons to choose CNC machining services China:

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Improved Technologies and Communication

The level of manufacturing in CNC machine operations in China is high. The quality of raw materials and machining equipment is usually top-notch, so you will get products of the highest quality. In addition, Chinese machine shops now have improved communication, meaning that you can easily keep track of machined parts. All these contribute to faster turnarounds for your business.

Competitive Manufacturing Rates

CNC machining services in China are usually very cost-effective. There are several CNC machining providers available, driving down costs and making manufacturing rates more competitive. Chinese CNC machining service providers offer competitive pricing due to lower material and labor costs.

Better Supply Chain and Logistics

Although machining options are now widely available in nations close to China, Chinese companies still deliver the best results. This is because CNC machining companies in China are more established, helping them offer better supply chains and logistics advantages.

Low Labor Costs

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One of the biggest reasons to choose CNC machining China companies is low labor costs. Chinese companies have incorporated automation into many of their CNC machining operations. Robotic automation has reduced the need for human input in manufacturing. This reduces labor costs altogether while ensuring quality results.

How to Choose the Best CNC Machining Service in China?

A reliable CNC machining China supplier will help you expand your business scope while saving costs. Here are some important tips to help you choose the best CNC machining partner.


One of the best ways to assess the credibility of a rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing company is by checking its certifications. This will help you ascertain if their capabilities align with the quality of products you want. ISO certifications will help you identify a competent machining company and get an idea of its manufacturing abilities.

Quality and Process Control

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You must also consider the quality control of machined parts. Check to see if your supplier offers robust product testing and verification. The company should have traceable serial numbers or bar codes. You can also request testing reports before shipping. The company must also ensure process control and management of techniques and materials. For example, WayKen is an ISO9001:2015 certified with strict 100% part inspection.

Experience and Production Capabilities

The CNC machining service supplier you choose in China must have been in the manufacturing business for several years. Experienced manufacturers have gathered enough knowledge about the industry throughout their establishment and are more proficient in dealing with any issues that may arise. Furthermore, the experience must be supported with adequate production capabilities and the right equipment to fulfill your order. The company must have adequate knowledge and work with the material you need for your project.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

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Any CNC machining China supplier must clearly state their minimum order quantity. The volume will represent your initial investment and create a lower barrier without spending much on inventory. Smaller batches of products also allow you to perform market and functionality tests. This will prevent you from ordering large volumes of defective products. A supplier with low MOQ is best to work with whenever you need to develop a prototype.

Communication and Customer Services

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Communication with Chinese manufacturers is now easy, thanks to the internet. However, it is still crucial to establish good contact with a supplier before going into a partnership. Ensure to speak with the manufacturing company and clearly understand their communication process.

This will also help you get a good view of their customer service, speed of response, and professionalism. Always avoid unclear and incomplete information. You should never make assumptions; ask for correct translations if you need any.

Get Started CNC Machining Services in China

This article has discussed the benefits of working with a CNC machining company in China for both prototyping and custom production needs. Furthermore, we analyzed the factors you must consider when choosing a Chinese machine shop to work with.

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Considering all factors, you can give preference to the CNC machining services offered by WayKen in China. As an ISO certified prototype company, WayKen is equipped with advanced CNC machines and parts inspection facilities. So here, you can enjoy one-stop machining services including CNC milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, and various types of surface finishes.

In addition, we support production orders from 1 to 10,000 units to meet your different manufacturing needs. Got a project? Upload your CAD file and get an instant quote from WayKen, we will guarantee a response within 12 hours.


How fast can I get my production parts from China?

You can get your production parts from China in as fast as three days. Once your design file has been uploaded, and everything is in place, production starts immediately, ensuring faster turnarounds.

What things to consider when ordering CNC machined parts from China?

Whenever you want to order CNC parts from China, you need to submit a technical drawing with a CAD design file. This will eliminate ambiguity and ensure proper engineering communication. You should also ask to sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent the CNC machining company from reusing or disclosing your designs. Finally, you should consider shipping times and currency conversion to ensure a smooth process.

What information should I prepare to order CNC parts in China?

The most important information required to order CNC parts in China is your design files accompanied by a technical drawing. Asides from this, you should inform the company of your desired shipping location.

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