How CNC Motorcycle Parts to Make Your Bike Cooler


Posted on: March 25th, 2019, | By Candy , WayKen Marketing Manager

Motorcycles inspire a lot of people for the cool looks you get when riding one and for their extensive mobility compared to cars. In addition, motorcycles are among the most customizable mechanisms widely available. It is often falsely considered that bike individualization is only possible if you know a lot about the motorcycle structure or if you can do some of the customizing yourself. However, even a complete newbie can get a completely unique modification without any need for special knowledge by purchasing CNC motorcycle parts from prototyping services.

Why CNC Machined Parts Are Indispensable for Motorcycles

Even if you are not a motorcycle enthusiast, you may still find a great use for CNC motorcycle parts. The reason for that is that motorcycles are easier damaged in an accident. The reason for that is their superior speed and sleek but not very sturdy design. So, there is often a case when you have scratched a car or brushed against the pavement and need to replace some part. You went to one shop, another shop and maybe a couple of others and haven’t found the part you need. What to do then? Well, you will probably need to order some CNC spare parts from a machine shop.

These services have become widespread and with the development of modern machining technologies, they are no longer expensive. So, anyone can order CNC aluminum parts for a lucrative price and not wait months for it. At Wayken, we have a professional aluminum machining team and can help you to create aluminum prototypes and aluminum parts, completely tailored to your bike. What’s more, our CNC aluminum experienced project engineers and machinists can meet any complex aluminum parts design specification.

Customizable Elements of The Motorcycle

Motorcycles being simpler than cars are very customizable. You can literally assemble your own bike if you want to and a lot of people nowadays actually do that. However, you don’t necessarily need to assemble a whole bike to consider your vehicle customized. There are different degrees to that. From the simplest ways where you paint or add stickers to your motorcycle to the hardcore level of tinkering with custom CNC motor parts, engine testing, and power amplification.

There is a list of motorcycle elements are most commonly customized as they are either visible or will provide the most change in the motorcycle performance.

Wheels Customization

cnc motorcycle parts-02

The role of wheels in the overall look of the bios cannot be underestimated. Motorcycle wheels are much more visible than car wheels and this influence the overall look of the bike more. What can we customize here?

The disks of the wheels are CNC aluminum parts mostly manufactured by milling. There are cast disks as well but those are milled after casting anyway. Balancing motorcycle wheels is one of the most important features to be said about their requirements. However, that is usually done multiple times during the life of the wheel so don’t worry if your disk is a little bit unbalanced after manufacturing

Motorcycle tires differ in their design depending on their use. Modern tires are intricate multi-layer composite rubber products with complex manufacturing processes that involve melting, curing and forming. The majority of tires is mass produced. What you can do about the tires

Tuning The Engine With CNC Motorcycle Parts

cnc motorcycle parts-03

The engine is the heart of a motorcycle and its most complex element. That’s why engine customizing or as it is more often called engine tuning is often done by semi-professionals it professionals who participate in the competition. CNC Motorsport parts enable them to push their engine to the limit. However, even if you don’t race, the desire to increase the power of your engine without buying a new one can be fulfilled by tuning the engine. Here are the main ways to do it.

The cylinder head ensures the successful intake of air and fuel mixture. This mixture usually enters the combustion chamber under an angle. The sharper this angle the more fuel will enter. The more the fuel the more the power you will get. So, the cylinder head is modified to increase fuel intake. You can either modify the channel or the valve that opens at certain intervals for the fuel-gas mixture to enter. The valves are usually CNC turned components later heat-treated and ground to near perfect tolerances. So, you’ll have to be careful about modifying those.

Camshafts are CNC turned components that control the engine cycle. They have a lot of specifically profiled cams at different angles. The shaft revolves and those cams control the opening of the fuel intake and exhaust valves in the engine. These shafts can be modified or manufactured from scratch to keep the valves open for longer intervals of time so that more fuel enters the combustion chamber. Prototype parts performance can be checked before manufacturing a heat treated durable version

Pistons. Once you have done the previous modifications you’d better change pistons as well because more fuel means more stress and temperature for them. Stock pistons have specified working conditions and increasing them can lead to early piston wear.

Custom Motorcycle Lights

cnc motorcycle parts-05

Custom lights can bring a lot into the image of your bike. However, be wary. While being seemingly nominal, motorcycle lights ensure the safety of the motorcycle driver and other people on the road so make sure you use high-quality components.

The lights usually consist of the bulb (or another source), the lens and the cover. Now, the lens and the cover are what can be modified by CNC machining. The lenses are usually made of metal. CNC milled on a 5-axis machining Centre from aluminum mostly and polished to a mirror-like surface. The cover is machined as well. But the material is most often polycarbonate. This polymer is hit-resistant and almost as transparent as glass.

Custom Aesthetic Parts

Other parts that can be customized are motorcycle body covers and the driver seat. They mostly boast complex geometries and intricate patterns.  Motorcycle manufacturers usually form them or cast but for custom orders, those are CNC parts. With modern 5-Axis machining, you can basically create any design you wish. Curves, art deco, or maybe even a sculpture of a bear/eagle or any other beast is possible with CNC machining.  The reason for that is the maximum number of degrees of freedom the mill cutter has while machining.

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