How to Choose A CNC Factory for Your Prototype Design

CNC factory

If a good design is far from a success, then finding a good CNC factory is just one step away from success. I have a great design that I am desperate to make happen at this point, what’s the next step? Find a CNC factory.

Clear About Your Needs When You Are Looking for A CNC Factory

Analyze your needs and try some methods to find the most suitable CNC factory to do your design. Before starting this phase, you need to make a 2D and 3D drawing about your design, those about tolerances, materials, surface finish, and the appearance features of your design can be revealed in the drawing. In order to make your design go more smoothly, it is recommended that you determine the most critical tolerances.

The Four Suggestions for Picking the Right CNC Factory

1. Does It Have a Qualification Certificate?

I believe you will not choose a small workshop to produce the design, because it may not even have the most basic business license, not to mention some qualification certificates, so the company’s qualifications are also one of the reference standards, like some special industry production of hand board models may also need some certification, so that both the service and production are guaranteed, making ourselves design to get professional treatment.

2.Pay Attention to the Length of Establishment, Size

The long establishment time of the factory means that it is experienced and has a set of its own solution to face the unexpected situation. In addition, the size of the situation can be selected according to your needs situation, if your design needs to come out immediately, time is very urgent, at this time large-scale CNC factory is a more sensible choice for you, because its technical equipment is more advanced and complete, manufacturing CNC machine parts need less time than other factories, the general small hand board factory personnel less, delivery is difficult to guarantee. Therefore the final delivery time should be controlled according to your own research and development progress.


3.Pay Attention to Technicians and Equipment

Technical equipment and professional staff are important to a CNC factory and directly determine whether it can operate smoothly or not. For example, a CNC factory which has CNC machining, 3D printing processing (SLA&SLS), vacuum injection, molding, etc. If you need to make a large part, it is better to use CNC processing, because the cost of CNC hand model is based on the material cost, CNC man-hour cost and the cost of surface treatment combined. If it is a small part with complex structure, then the computer coding will take a long time and the cost of the hand board will be hard to come down. However, if it is done by SLA (3D printing processing) for the product is small and light, the cost can be lower to achieve production.

4. What are the Projects that CNC Factory are good at? Does it Meet Your Needs?

For example, I want to do an internal hollow transparent trophy, for this demanding design, its size is not large, mainly the internal hollow, need to disassemble the processing after assembly gluing, this time obviously CNC processing is not suitable, from the size and surface characteristics of the structure, choose SLA process is better. The whole process is to start from the material and process, to seek an optimized solution to achieve the design, the general small prototype factory unable to meet the requirements of both transparent and internal hollow, clear their needs after you can go looking for manufacturers who are good at these processes.

How to Treat Complaints About CNC Factories?

It is not terrible to make a mistake, what is terrible is not to correct the mistake in time. Even an excellent CNC machining factory will have customer complaints, but only a truly excellent CNC machining factory will pay attention to customer complaints and feedback. Part of the motivation to drive a CNC factory forward comes from customer feedback, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a responsible CNC factory.

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