How to Find Good CNC Machining Service Providers in China?

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Posted on: Oct 16th, 2020, | By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

Multi-billion-dollar companies like Apple are relying on China for the production of their high-end products. You must have come across numerous products in your daily routine that is “Made in China”. Historically speaking, China’s manufacturing and production industry mostly relied on lower-end manufactures and domestically manufactured low-end tooling.

However, due to the famous “Made in China 2025” initiative taken back in 2015, heavy investment has poured in from both the private and public sectors to increase China’s dominance in every aspect of the manufacturing industry. When it comes to modern manufacturing, China is paying deep attention to the development of its CNC machining industry which we will discuss in-depth as the article progresses.

Growth of China’s Machining Industry in Numbers

China’s rapid increase in usage of machine tools is evident from a report from 2017 which quotes the figure at $29.970 billion. The reason for such rapid growth can be credited to various industries. Let us discuss two of these:

  • Automotive industry: China is the largest automotive parts manufacturer globally with exports amounting to $34.8 billion in 2018. The breakdown of these exports is $11.7 billion to the United States, $3.2 billion to Japan, $2.0 billion to Mexico, $1.7 billion to Germany, and $1.2 billion to South Korea. China’s role in the production of parts for suspension systems, carburetor housings, wheel axles, bearings, bolts, and engine housings is monumental.


  • Computer Industry: China is the epicenter when it comes to the production of computers and computer components. With a whopping market size of $248 billion and 966 businesses operating in China in this niche, the country holds approximately 90% global control in this industry. Due to the intricate nature of computer parts, it contributes heavily to the usage and adaption of CNC machining and other advanced manufacturing methods in the country.


In recent years, almost 40 percent of China’s GDP is credited to the manufacturing sector. An exponential move from low-value goods towards high-value goods and services is being conducted as part of the Made in China 2025 initiative launched back in 2015. The following diagram shows quantitatively the revamping manufacturing and machining sector of the country.

CNC machining services provider-2

The initiative focuses on 5 core high-value industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical


Made in China initiative focuses on modernizing the manufacturing sector using a strategic roadmap that promotes and evolves the processes with techniques like 3D printing, digital manufacturing, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, and integration with techniques from Industry 4.0 concept.

The key production procedure being adapted is CNC machining because of its accuracy, degree of automation, diversity of applications, and compatibility with a wide range of materials. Let us next discuss CNC technology’s growth in China.

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How to Choose the Right Machining Services Provider in China

One of the key aspects of making your business thrive is the comprehension of core metrics to choose the right machining service. Let us discuss these metrics in detail to help you find the right machining service in China based on your requirements:

  • Certifications: The first and foremost metric that should be of concern is a company’s certifications. Outsourcing certain parts or entire assemblies of your product requires alignment of your product’s needs with the certifications of the machining service provider. For instance, if your industry is related to the automotive niche, you should look out for a machining service provider in China that is particularly certified, and their services tailored for the specific niche. A machining service certified for automotive services should not be weighed under the same metrics when it comes to the aviation or medical industry. Therefore, your business or company should have an expert to review credible machining service providers in China by the virtue of their certifications to avoid any losses later on.


  • Quality Control: Machining involves a diverse set of quality control metrics that need strict evaluation. For instance, quality control of procedures and processes, raw material evaluation, assembly line inspections, and evaluation of finished parts. Moreover, the quality standards degree to which prototyping service can match really matters i.e. three, four, five, or six sigma. The level of sigma in quality control aspects dictate the number of defects per million parts. The following table accurately summarizes this concept:
CNC machining services provider-3

Therefore, these measures of quality essentially signify the quality of the working environment. However, it must be noted that the level of accuracy required majorly depends on the required application. A machining service provider for the automotive industry performing at 3 sigma level is certainly not acceptable due to the critical nature of this niche.

Since 3 sigmas and 6 sigmas are the most vital in our discussion, let us highlight the main differences between the two:

Therefore, always lookout for a machining service provider that meets your required level of accuracy with a comprehensive quality control workflow at the most optimal costing options.

  • Communication: This aspect is one of the critical factors when choosing a machining service in China. With a plethora of Chinese based services, clients often tend to just keep costing metrics into consideration. This leads to several issues. The machining of parts requires accurate communication of requirements. Language barriers and in the midst of the current COVID-19 situation, the transfer of information is a big hindrance. Therefore, you should always look out for machining services that have a good communications department. Clear out every kind of misconception or confusion before landing into a partnership or contract so that the final deliverable is of acceptable quality. In addition to this, machining services that can serve technical advice have an added advantage. Optimization, improvement, and alterations to manufacturing techniques based on experience are necessary from the experts at a credible machining service provider.


  • Methods for Manufacturing: Always look out for machining services that can provide a wide array of machining methods like CNC machining, rapid tooling, 3D printing, and other techniques. Multi-axis machining systems are a must for any machining service given the intricate nature of modern parts. Moreover, be sure to choose a prototyping service that has experience in manufacturing with materials required by your company. The material makes a huge difference when it comes to machining. For instance, considerations for machining of stainless steel are majorly different when it comes to the machining of aluminum or plastics.


  • or your assurance, order a prototype: To ensure that your company and the machining service provider can work on a long-term contract, always go for a prototype order. This will allow for the practical evaluation of various service providers at a meager amount of expenses. Moreover, always use the Get a Quote option from every machining service provider in China. It is as simple as providing the CAD file of the part, the part name, quantity, material, color, surface finish, and contact information so that the service provider can reach out to you with a competitive quote. Also, prefer having video conferencing with the service provider as it helps to build a clear understanding of all your requirements.


With a plethora of machining service providers in China, we surely understand it might get really confusing and complex for you to choose the right fit for your requirements. We hope that this article will help you comprehensively in deciding the right machining services provider in China. With several articles providing a diverse set of advice, we have shortlisted and summarized the significance of why China is a good choice for your machining needs and how to accurately choose the right prototyping service for your business.

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