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Posted on June. 28th, 2020, | By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (Short for QMS) is a globally leading quality management standard that has been implemented by more than 1 million organizations in over 170 countries in the world. The quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) is a set of processes defined and implemented to meet customer needs.

It is a defined and documented method that guides managers at all levels, all departments of the organization, and all suppliers of the organization toward a common goal—understanding customer needs and requirements, and providing products that meet their needs and service. As an ISO 9001 certified factory, Wayken makes a lot of effort for that but also gains a lot from that.

Why Your Rapid Prototype Supplier Should Be ISO Certified


1. Learn all about ISO 9001

An important part of getting familiar with ISO 9001 is to understand the requirements they must meet and their relationship with the company. They need to understand the scope of ISO, normative references, terms and definitions, the context of the organization, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement.

2. Prepare their team

People should choose one person in the organization to lead the entire certification process. This person is usually a quality manager or leader who is already very familiar with the way the organization operates. The leader will be called the manager’s representative and will be responsible for employee training.

3. Make a plan

A plan is best formulated when the team is able to accomplish the goal. The team should consist of managers from different areas of the company, who have the right to implement changes in their respective areas. They will all be managed by management representatives. Having a suitable team will make it easier to obtain certification. Each of them has their own responsibilities and enables everyone to complete tasks in their own field. During the implementation process, the team will meet regularly to monitor progress, allocate resources, answer questions, and coordinate all aspects of the new quality management system.

4. Organize your files

Developing your documentation can be a tedious task that many people will not expect. There are many technical requirements for documentation in the ISO 9001 standard, which may mean that you need to do a lot of rework. Your documents must be developed in accordance with the requirements of iso9001, not just for certification. With properly written and available instructions and procedures, it is easier to introduce new procedures. Everyone can benefit from proper documentation.

The ISO 9001 standard requires some documents: quality policy, quality objectives, process diagrams, operating instructions, procedures, forms, and the scope of the quality management system.

5. Implement a new system

During implementation, even after certification, they will need to conduct internal audits to ensure that the quality management system meets the requirements. These audits are performed by one or more of your own trained employees.

6. Conduct an internal audit

During implementation, even after certification, they will need to conduct internal audits to ensure that the quality management system meets the requirements. These audits are performed by one or more of your own trained employees.

7. Prepare for registration review

Once they are ready, it is time for someone independent of the company to step in and audit it.

8. Maintain success and continuous improvement

An auditor will be assigned to conduct one or two surveillance audits each year to ensure that the organization continues to comply with the standards and continue to improve. As customer and employee feedback increases, the organization will easily continue to improve the system. They will implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act system to guide improvements.

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What Benefits Can ISO 9001:2015 Certification Bring?

  • ISO 9001 provides a clear method for organizations to achieve their goals.
  • Set standardized requirements for all functions and departments.
  • The implementation of iso9001 improves the level of customer confidence in your products/services.
  • The quality management system ensures that the organization’s goals are linked to the customer’s needs, thereby creating a perfect value chain
  • The implementation of iso9001 improves the effective use of resources
  • It sets clear goals for each job role and each team, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and ambiguities in the process.
  • It enables organizations to understand their pain, customer complaints and concerns, and work hard for this.

It enables organizations to understand their pain, customer complaints and concerns, and work hard for this.

Company Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

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Obtaining ISO 9001 certification requires the efforts of many organizations, but the rewards are many. Through iso9001 certification, some of the benefits your company enjoys include:

  • Divide the scope of responsibilities within the organization
  • Provide effective management system for senior managers
  • Bidding for government positions usually requires ISO 9001 certification
  • Communicate to employees and customers that you value quality
  • Highlight what the company needs to improve
  • Cut costs
  • Provides marketing advantages
  • Give management continuous assessment and improvement opportunities.


Customer Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

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In addition to your company benefiting from ISO 9001 certification, your customers will also benefit.

Here are some ways that your customers’ benefits are:

  • Better service and product quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Every employee in the organization has a good attitude
  • Low return
  • Reduce complaints


As an ISO9001 certificated company, our services include product design feasibility analysis, product manufacturability analysis, and assist the innovation team in rapid product development and small batch trial production. The core of our prototype development service is speed. We provide quick quotations and start project cooperation fast.

Guarantee Innovative & Quality Services with Competitive Price

As your ISO 9001 certified rapid prototype maker and CNC prototype machine company, we are committed to guaranteeing the innovative and quality services along with competitive prices. It makes sense to make our company an ISO 9001 certified vendor.

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