What Favors Can You Get From a Low Volume Manufacturer?

Low Volume Manufacturer

Posted on Agust 17th, 2020| By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

Most people usually think that as output increases, unit manufacturing costs will obviously drop. Therefore, if you want a cheaper unit price, you should increase the quantity, right? Not necessary. Because if you want to enter the formal mass production, you must invest more cost in the formal steel mold. With this in mind, low-volume manufacturing processes may be a good way for you to avoid large investments while still producing high-quality parts.

Compared with formal steel molds, small batch production is more flexible while ensuring product quality. Customers can arrange orders faster and more economically without being required to minimum order quantities.

Low-Volume Manufacturing Service

1. CNC machining

CNC is one of the main processes for small batch production. The precise CNC machining service can ensure that your designs and ideas can be realized in the real world in just a few days. Before delivering the product to mass production, you will have the opportunity to actually review the design and functionality of the product.

2. Rapid tooling

In simple terms, rapid processing is to create a mold in a short time. Rapid production tools began in the 1990s, when engineers engaged in plastic injection molding tried to build molds in a few hours or days, instead of the weeks or months needed to process molds in the past. Rapid tooling is an ideal method for small batch production before starting mass production. Usually a simple mold, the cost does not need to be as high as the formal mold, but it is more affordable than the prototype processing method, especially suitable for small batch processing of metal parts.

3. Rapid injection molding

For the traditional injection molding process, designing plastic parts that can be injection molded has always been very important. Nowadays, many plastic parts usually have an awkward quantity demand after prototype testing and before the product enters the market. If it is produced with a formal injection-molded steel film, the cost is very high. The process of using prototypes, such as vacuum casting, is still not low cost, and it is one-off. With the advancement of technology, the rapid injection molding process has solved this problem. The life of the mold is usually 10,000 times, but it does not require much investment.

4.Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting technology is suitable for small series production of prototypes and final parts, dozens, or even hundreds of pieces. The precision of this manufactured part is comparable to that of parts manufactured by plastic injection molding technology. Therefore, the cost of producing metal injection molds is eliminated. The production cycle is very fast, usually only a few days to ten days, depending on the number of parts manufactured and the size and complexity of the parts.

Low-Volume & Quick parts Manufacturing

1. Metal machining

Metal processing uses milling machines, lathes, drill presses, and various other machines to produce a variety of metal shapes. Which processing method is used mainly depends on the structure of the product.

2. Plastic machining

Plastic parts can be used in various industries, including consumer electronics, aerospace, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc. CNC plastic processing can use a variety of plastics. The common ones are ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, PA, and so on. Usually, the designer will specify the most suitable material for processing.

2. Case Study

The following are examples of projects processed by CNC technology and complex mold technology.

CNC machining + mold making

How to find a Reliable Low-volume Manufacturer in China?

1. ISO 9001 certified

If you’re worried about Quality Assurance for international orders, an ISO-9001 certified factory won’t let you down. Continuously improving and optimizing Quality Control System, we are committed to offering the best quality, concerning the tight tolerance up to +/- 0.02mm, excellent surface up to Ra 0.02μm, etc… As required, a 2D report/CMM report /3D scanning report can be offered with the shipment.

2. Machine shop

Since CNC machine shop has professionals who are capable of rapidly manufacturing CNC prototypes, injection molding, and rapid prototyping, a machine shop can provide you with a one-stop service for small-batch manufacturing and rapid prototyping from China at low prices.

3. Team

Aiming at efficiency, Wayken has a sales team with a solid manufacturing background, who is capable to speak technical language with you in English. Here, every project manager can offer prompt supports from Quote to After-sales, covering design for manufacturability, materials, manufacturing processes, and so on. 


Wayken provides complete solutions to promote the timeliness, flexibility, and productivity of prototype trial production. We know that with the shortening of product life cycles and increasing market demand, small-batch production will become more and more popular. Learn more about Wayken’s small batch production facilities or contact our team for a quote. Our engineers are ready to support you through the entire process.

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