Personal & Product Development: How Similar!


Posted on: June 12, 2018, | By Kenzi, WayKen Project Manager

Product development is a tough process, just like our life, personal growth. You will never know how strong and excellent you can be unless you force yourself to fight.
The first time that I mention this to someone was about 10 years ago when I worked as an English tutor in my college days.

A Short Memory

My student was a girl at primary high school who will move to America for further development. Same as other aging friends, she didn’t want to learn anything at school. I don’t know what she is on-going now, but I hope she could understand more when she grows up.

Today we will discuss product development, but before moving to that topic, I would like to say something about personal development.

You can’t choose who you are, but you can try to choose who you will become. It’s a personal development when one first steps into the working society.

A Case of Personal Development

Early constant tries and trials for developing

I am not a lucky girl with rich family or strong family background power, and I have to fight harder than everyone else to get what I want.

I once worked as a translator after primary graduation who flew everywhere at any time to visit customers with the boss. We ate on the plane then work on the hotel hall, and then in the evening flight back again to move to next visit, an experience full of flying and overtime working.

2 years later, I worked as project manager in an electronic company that is specialized in speaker & receivers development and manufacturing for famous brands such as Apple and Huawei, both of which are well known in qualities and developing process. That was the first time I learned about the product development from NPI to MP stage.

Thus I totally understand how important the verification of a new product is before molds of every part settled in the right stage, and it’s also an experience that lets me understand how better I can become from hard and serious working. From then on, I start to believe that you can become more excellent after you push hard on yourself.

Success in WayKen, a rapid prototyping company

With those rich experience in product development and management, I decided to do other more challenging things.

Now I am working as a project manager (sales representative) in WayKen who is specialized in CNC precision machining for concept designs and new products.

It will be a great thing by receiving confirmation from clients toward the parts that we have made for them. One of our clients often says that they are very happy to work with us for our professional and quick response toward their new project, and painting is good as always.

Working with WayKen, they can catch up with the schedule to move to the next injection plan to do mass production, so excited to show the world about their new designs and products.
Similar to individual development, a product also will experience a long way in its developing.

Services & Suggestions for Product Development

WayKen provides clients with professional prototyping knowledge when needed, thus before contact with clients, we need to first let ourselves be well learned. Following are some things you are expected to learn for your product developing.


WayKen offers basic services such as:

  • Plastic CNC machining
  • Aluminum machining
  • Vacuum casting
  • Rapid molding
  • 3D printing
  • Post finishing for example painting
  • Silkscreen
  • Anodizing
  • Powder coat
  • Sandblasting
  • Various materials


For smooth prototyping, you have to know the following things:

1. What ABS, PC or PMMA is.

2. Why clients want to use PEEK.

3. What if they ask you to suggest a similar material how you can respond.

With continuous learning and cases dealing with, I feel like I am closer and closer to the professional, and I am not afraid of designers asking me a lot of questions any more, therefore, any product development prototyping requirement I am quite well welcome you to come to me for inquiry or manufacture.

If you need to refine the design for new products and services, then R & D is a must. Most individual investors don’t have resources or ideas to pay for expensive tools or new product introduction at later stage, especially when they have no idea what the product would like it first appears on the market, they cannot risk making a mold first and assemble lots of products stocks, which will make the product development process freezing somehow and even don’t know how to go to the next step if they believe this is really a good idea and nice products.

Discussion About Product Developing

What is the product prototype?

Research and development consist of producing prototypes, which are samples for designers to test the usability and other features, or modify the design until designers come to conclusion that this design can make final products and sell for a profit.

Why are prototypes needed for a new product?

This, on the hand, also involves market testing, beta testing, market plans analysis, cost studies and more, because all these activities will require prototypes and even low volume samples with our vacuum casting service or rapid mold. In this case, all things are settled down and move on well to the direction of what it plans to be.

R & D is the most important steps of all, which means product prototype development is really required.

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing for Low Cost

There is a balance to be stuck between correct reliability and function and at the same time low-cost manufacturing and material, which include the tooling designs and material choices.
We will help check the possibility for tooling such as the thickness of plastic in the case of shrinkage, the undercuts modification, and the cost to make one molded.

Cutting down the basic cost for a product not only involves the production methods but also includes the modification of design if necessary. We do believe after coming through every stages verification with prototyping and testing, issues of a mold and mass production will be less and less for the company.

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