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Posted on: Nov 8, 2017, | By Mandy, WayKen Project Manager

Each part matters in the process of assembling parts just one part missing can lead to a failure of the whole project. Then what needs to pay attention to designing assemblies? Generally, typical assemblies in CNC machining include housing, chassis, shaft, bracket, and so on. Today let’s talk about it.

The Selection of Aluminum Alloy Materials


The most commonly used aluminum alloys are 6061-T6 and 7075. With the popularity of Energy conservation and environmental protection, soft aluminum elements are highly malleable and recyclable which makes it the best choice for mechanical purposes. Conversely, if the aluminum elements are mixed with other elements such as magnesium, silicon, copper, and zinc, they can form aluminum alloy after the heat treatment. The aluminum alloy has good strength, the super-hard aluminum alloy can reach to 600 Mpa, and the tensile strength of the normal hard aluminum alloy is 200-450 Mpa. It has been widely used in manufacturing.

6061-T6 is a corrosion-resistant type with good strength and uniformity. Among the aluminum parts, 6061-t6 are mainly used for materials machining, it’s not easily deformed and almost none tolerance problems. During the post-machining process, a great oxidation post-treatment effect can be achieved.

The 7075 aluminum plate is of Al- Zn-Mg – Cu. Good series Super-hard aluminum. With good mechanical property and wear resistance, it can be easily machined. It also has good anodic oxidation after treatment and also anti-corrosive and oxidation resistance. 7075 aluminum is a typical material used in the aviation industry with complex structure and high precision.

CNC Aluminum Machining

CNC aluminum parts

CNC aluminum is one of Wayken Rapid’s main services. We have experienced design teams and programmers can efficiently do every project review. With the accurate assessment of the costs, plasticity, and complexity to ensure perfect fit your design. In 2017, we have a new 5 axis machining center in our factory, high efficiency and precision enable us to provide the best service to our clients. One time workpiece, high precision in the complex space surface work, modern moldings such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts can be perfectly machined.

Based on your CAD data, we can cut the shape of any material. No matter how many parts your assembly is composed of, we can produce high precision metal parts fast and meet the strict tolerance standards at the same time. Surface treatment machining is commonly used in aluminum including oxidation, secondary oxidation, surface drawing, sandblasting and high gloss, spraying, and printing.

Also, you can check with more information about the benefits of CNC aluminum parts, then you’ll find out the exact parts for correct machining.

How to carry out the Original Verification and Assembly Inspection after Processing?

CNC aluminum parts-4

Original verification and assembly inspection are the most critical steps in the whole machining work. The former is to measure the width, the size, and height of each part. For metal parts, especially the diameter, the diameter of the pin or the diameter and inner diameter of the shaft should be put in place to ensure the rotation of the tightness. According to the requirements of the customer, some are asking for rotating it 180 degrees or internal 360 rotations. Due to different demands, the standard of assembly inspection shall be based on the 3D data provided by the customer. The gap and run-in-place between parts should be checked carefully.

When you’re ready to start your next aluminum CNC project, please send us your 3D CAD files for a free quotation.

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