Red-Crowned Crane with Rapid Manufacturing


Posted on:  Aug 13, 2018, | By  Brian, WayKen Marketing Manager

Background of rapid manufacturing companies

With the increasingly fierce competition in the social market and the growth of the industrial design industry, companies are paying attention to the production of product models as well as industrial design. The development quality and actual effect of the product need to be verified with a hand-plate model. In this situation, the hand model industry gradually emerged from the industrial design process and became a relatively independent industry, continued to flourish.

Many professional rapid manufacturing companies with  hand model industry emerged, including larger enterprises and industrial design prototyping companies also established their own prototype model department. According to incomplete data estimates, there are more than 200,000 employees in the national prototype model, which are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim developed industries. Among them, there are more than 1,000 companies in Shenzhen and more than 200 in Shanghai.

The prototype model industry can be called the future sunrise industry.  The development status of the industry has its own advantages.

Firstly, the social demand is large. The direct reason is that the company’s investment in product research and development increases. The indirect reason is related to the development of domestic social economy.

Secondly, the entry threshold of this industry is relatively low, and it is possible to establish a production plant and equipment that meets production requirements without the need for substantial capital investment.

Finally, the added value of this industry is relatively high. The actual gross profit is much higher than that of the ordinary manufacturing industry, and the profit is even higher than many design companies.

What Is RP?

RP technology is an effective means for complex prototypes or parts manufacturing in parallel engineering, enabling product design and mold production to be synchronized, thereby improving enterprise R&D efficiency, shortening product design cycle, and greatly reducing the cost and risk of new product development. Small size, special-shaped products are especially suitable.

The industry of RP application

After several years of development, RP has basically formed a system. Similarly, the applicable industries are gradually expanding, from product design to mold design and manufacturing, materials engineering, medical research, culture and art, construction engineering, etc. The RP is gradually used, which makes RP technology have broad prospects.


Veterinary can perform surgery to treat broken-legged animals, but tailor a bird’s beak for birds, but pet doctors can’t. Now, with 3D printing technology, we can create a bird’s beak for birds.

rapid manufacturing companies-2

An unscrupulous red-crowned crane was “fighting” at the zoo. As a result, the bird’s beak was cut in half. The red-crowned crane without the captain was unable to eat on its own. The animal hospital nursing had to feed more than 150 pieces of mud every day; the zoo director was very worried about it. The red-crowned crane is a national protected animal. The zoo first used 3D printing technology to reshape a bird’s nest with a titanium alloy.

3D printing technology is a technology based on a digital model that uses adhesive materials to print layers by layer. It does not require molds and machining and can directly produce the parts we need from computer data. The application of this technology has greatly enriched the therapeutic technology of our contemporary medicine.

rapid manufacturing companies-6

We all know that surgery requires some equipment to replace the bones we have damaged. But everyone’s bones, although roughly the same, still have some differences. If we use the same parts for everyone, this limits some surgical procedures. For example, the zoo’s titanium alloy beak for birds, this beak must be unique, because the beak cannot be long or short, otherwise it would also have negative affect on eating.

Red-crowned crane with an anesthetic, ready to install a red-crowned crane

Successfully installed the red-crowned crane on the upper lip of titanium alloy, and finally can eat independently.

Why do they want to remove the new enamel for a good titanium beak? It sounds like a strange peek material. This is from the body structure of the red-crowned crane itself. The Red Mountain Zoo doctor responsible for the Red-crowned Crane Medical Service said that the red-crowned crane is a large bird. Its flying height and shape determine that it must have a special skeleton.

rapid manufacturing companies-6

In order to reduce the weight of the bone, there are even many honeycomb holes in the skull of the red-crowned crane. Although the 3D titanium alloy guanine is sturdy, it weighs 30 grams. In order to raise the mouth to eat and drink, the red-crowned crane has suffered a lot. “It took three days the titanium alloy to be eaten. We realized that the new one was overweight and we were looking for alternative materials.”

rapid manufacturing companies-7

With the two goals of lightweight and duration, all kinds of new medical materials have entered the scope of the Red-crowned cranes rescue team. One of the materials named peek has attracted everyone’s attention. “This kind of material has been widely used in human clinical practice, mainly for the reconstruction of skulls and spines, etc. and it is the first time in animal medicine.”

This material prints a new bird’s mouth with a final weight of only 5 grams. More, it is a perfect fit for the red-crowned crane. According to other equal-sized red-crowned cranes, the 3D model is scanned and produced. Finally, a new life expectancy of 30 years is accompanied by a red-crowned crane.

The application of 3D printing technology has enriched our lives, and allows those who are ill to have a suitable substitute to replace some of the bones they have lost. There are already many rapid prototyping technology companies in China, which are constantly flourishing, constantly growing and constantly approaching people’s lives.

rapid manufacturing companies-10

The application of this technology also plays a significant role in the protection of wildlife. Wild animals live in the wild, and the environment is relatively harsh. It is inevitable that they will bump, bump, break, and break. And the number of wild animals is often very small. With this technology, we can tailor the bones of animals to give them a good protection. I believe that in the future, this technology will become more and more mature, and our life will be better and better.

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