The Art of Digital Part Production

digital part production

Nowadays, with more complex machines being introduced, it brings greater challenges to the manufacturing industry and machine makers. The complexity of manufacturing is also more and more obvious. Many excellent manufactures have seen the value of digital production, then they decide to fully integrate all resources to realize the digital production while boosting quality, reducing the time to market, and improving the delivery timeframes.

What is Digital Part Production?

Digital Part Production (DPP) is a kind of advanced production technology, firstly proposed by Siemens, which provides a fully connected thread that realizes the big merging of the digital and physical world. This process is dynamic which can continuously send digital communication and feedback loop to parts manufacturers understand each update to the parts influences the large production process.

Some manufacturing processes are very complex, then the parts manufacturers usually rely on integrated digital solutions. The method is based on an overall digital twin, which enables machine builders to not only master the precision of the production of the part but also improve the efficiency of operation and the ability to manage the shop floor. In other words, digital parts production offers the new engineering and manufacturing practices to follow the ever-growing complexity, driving the highest production output and high-quality part production. It connects the overall production process with the digitals, thus upgrading the coordination and automation between the shop floor and manufacturing.

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This approach is based on the combination of comprehensive digital twin and production digital twin, realizing the highest quality while optimizing the resources and controlling the costs of production, thus promoting the automation of the parts from developing to producing. Those digital twins allow the company to carry simulation design and manufacturing before the materials are cut and the fixtures are installed. Now, it can fully connect the overall production process, reduce the data transmission and repetition, upgrade the cooperation and automation in all-around aspects.

To accomplish this goal, digital parts production has three key differentiating factors that enable to create the perfects with high-quality and accuracies:

Define your digital part production process with highly automated CAM 

As we know, highly automated CAM can repeatedly re-use the verified data to automatic programming and improve the machining process to produce the same results, upgrading the quality and accelerating the time to market.

Synchronized parts manufacturing can increase the effectiveness

Synchronized parts production is greatly improving the whole operation efficiency by using one unified system to design, simulate and make the parts.

Additive manufacturing enhances the digital part production and design

It’s hard and impossible to make the parts with the creater complex geometries. Additive manufacturing can overcome this challenge. Besides, these complex geometries are tougher and lighter compared with their counterparts with the traditional methods. 

Outstanding companies found that the future of digital part production adopts the new software tool that connects various applications and processes by the use of the digital twin. Digital part production connects the production process, reducing the data transmission rate replication, strengthening the cooperation, automating the engineering and machining procedures.

More importantly, digital parts production comprises information-sharing loops across the whole organization, constantly improving and becoming more simplified.

How to Realize the Precision of Perfect Part Through Digital production

To remain competitive in the forceful machinery industry, the manufacturers usually seek the last solution to size the market quotation and delivery the innovation in the shortest time. The customers are desired to get highly customized products to meet their specific needs, and one size doesn’t work anymore.

Higher Operational Efficiency Overcomes the Complexity 

DPP builds a bridge that connects the digital, which can help you to incorporate your digitals and physical process. In the closed-loop, you can know the all details of each part’s production, once you find out the error, the results can be updated timely. It can connect your whole operation and production, automating all produce, improving efficiency, and making your manufacturing smoother and easier.

Fully Merging the Digital and physical process to promote innovation

DPP has a strong belief that helps the machine builders to solve the difficulties, enhancing operational efficiency and shop management. Digital part production( DPP ) is a powerful platform that allows you to fully merge your digital resource and physical process. It combines engineering with the manufacturing plan, which makes the independent team can easily access similar information, helping you to deliver high-quality products, optimizing the process, and shortening the time to market.


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