Why you Should Choose WayKen for Prototyping?


Posted on: Mar 23, 2018, | By Will, WayKen Project Manager

With the development of modern industry, more and more industries pay attention to R&D investment. In order to cater to the fast ever-changing market, it is necessary to boost and accelerate the stage of product development. In the design and development phase, more and more companies will use the model to verify their design if reasonable or need improvement. Regarding of the model, the current CNC machining technology has been able to basically meet the needs of many products. So how to choose a suitable and fair CNC machining shop? Different companies may have different selection criterion, I think the most critical are the following factors:

1. Quality:

Models include appearance and structure models, and they have different quality requirements. Appearance models usually focus on color, surface texture, glossiness, and other details. While structural models focused on the accuracy of the size and assembling functionality. According to different model requirements, the quality influence factors will be different accordingly. The quality of the appearance model is determined by post-processing technology. When machining high dimensional accuracy model, it’s determined by the accuracy of machining cutter, the smaller the cutter radius, the higher the machining accuracy. Another factor is the facility. Different facilities will produce different quality parts.

2. Experience and Technology:

Experience and technology play an important role in the field of CNC machining. Especially for some complex parts, how to process the ideal products can be described as benevolent see the benevolent wisdom. Experienced CNC machining shop can accurately determine the best solution for customers to meet their requirements, which will greatly improve the efficiency of model making.

3. Service:

Although CNC machining belongs to the manufacturing industry, service is also an important factor that affects R&D designers or engineers to choose a suitable CNC machining shop. Imagine if even the communication is not smooth, how can you pass the project to the factory? For service, I think the response speed, delivery and timeliness, packaging, and logistics are the three major factors affecting the choice. Whether can quote quickly and accurately, whether can offer fast delivery on time, whether have solid packaging solutions and fast logistics are all crucial decisions.

4. Price:

R&D designers may often focus on the price. Personally, the price should not be the most important factor in choosing a suitable CNC machining shop. In the market, there is never the lowest price but even lower price, while low price often means high risk. It depends on different factory size, equipment, labor, and other extra costs, the price of each CNC machining shop is different. I think a reasonable price is based on quality.

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