Industrial Design Prototyping

Industrial design prototyping bridge the gap between industrial design and production, accurately express design intent, which is widely used in design optimization, exhibits, and market research.

Industrial Product Design & Prototype Design

Industrial product design combines creative design, science, engineering, and business studies to create the way the end-user will interact with and experience a product.

The Whole Process of Innovative Industrial Design

Concept → Sketch → Rendering → Prototype → Final product display

Prototyping Is Essential for Good Design

For industrial designers, prototyping is always a crucial step within the creative process to help you better understand the user experience.

What Is Industrial Prototype Design?

The prototype design is more involved with solving the problems of manufacturability, production efficiency, material viability, quality assurance, and more.

Seeking Help from Professional Prototyping

From the initial concept prototype and visual presentation models to complex design functional prototypes, as well as challenging machined parts, we are able to support at all levels.

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The Benefits of Industrial Design Prototyping to the Design Process

Industrial design prototyping improves collaboration, design, and usability testing, which are well worth the extra time and effort.

Design Optimization

Prototyping can visualize the design, find out the design problems in time, collect feedback, and then optimize the design to achieve rapid iteration of the design.

Functional Testing

Produce a functional prototype with an internal structure to simulate the final product, including the functional shape, surface shape, etc. to check if the structure is reasonable.

Cost Reduction

The short production cycle of the prototyping makes it possible to quickly find out that the final shape, size, structure, or color of the product can be obtained at a lower cost.

Participate in Exhibitions

Prototyping can be the most visual representation of a product's form, color, size, and even structure and function. With different prototypes to do market research through exhibitions or actual verification by the end customer, and predict its use before mass production.

Direct Sales

The structural prototype, also called a functional prototype, can be sold directly as a product in the marketplace. After low volume manufacturing, they can be sold directly to verify the market's reaction to the product.

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