Product Prototyping

Product prototyping is an integral part of the new product development process, WayKen is a trusted partner, who turns your product ideas into a reality by providing unparalleled prototyping and manufacturing.

Prototype-to-Production for Product Development Process

Create a prototype as soon as possible to verify the design of product developers, and make the new products go to market faster.

New Product Development Process

What is a Product Prototype?

The product prototype is a critical part you need to do once you have an product idea, which can fully demonstrate and validation design, find out and correct design errors, it is also a tool to crowfund, test the market, and verify the design for manufacturability.

Types of Product Prototype

Prototyping Services that WayKen Offers Including:

  • CNC machining
  • 3D printing
  • Vacuum casting
  • Rapid tooling
  • Low-volume plastic injection molding
  • Significance of Product Prototypes in Development Process

    The appropriate utility of prototype techniques can potentially make the new product development process more dynamic and effective, reducing the chance of failure.
  • Realize and explore concepts
  • Communicate ideas effectively
  • Design iterations more flexible
  • Move to full production with confidence
  • Cost-effective low
  • Prototype Application for Product Development In All Industries

    WayKen has been dedicating to providing fast, high-efficiency product prototype development and rapid manufacturing solutions for all walks of life of companies across industries.

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