Quality Assurance

We operate a system of quality management which is approved and certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. This reflects our commitment to continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Objective:
Finished product pass rate ≥ 95%
On-time delivery rate ≥ 90%
Customer satisfaction ≥ 90

Quality Management Systems for Machine Shop

WayKen is committed to the continuous improvement and optimization of all custom manufacturing capabilities from prototype to production, and the corresponding quality control process, including CNC machining, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.

We strictly follow the ISO 9001 certified quality management system, based on a series of standardized production procedures and work instructions, and use advanced testing equipment to measure and inspect each production step to ensure that your project meets stringent quality specifications.

cnc machine shop quality control

Our Quality Policy

Establish standardized and scientific management concepts; Formulate reasonable working methods and operating codes; Train excellent employees with first-class skills; Improve production efficiency.

Based on the expectation and values from customers, we continue to strengthen many aspects of operation and management such as production planning management, production process optimization, supply chain coordination optimization, production cost control, and staff quality. Continual improving, pursuing excellence, and continuously enhance customer satisfaction.

Through the implementation of the overall quality management system, during each process in the production strengthening quality control and inspection, ensuring the optimization of the company’s processes, and the effective communication between customers and departments, also training the quality awareness of employees, pushing to upgrade continually implement technology, and efficiently manufacturing high-quality products.

Establish a learning organization system, implement knowledge management, collect and organize the knowledge for corrective and preventive measures, production technology from professional technicians or departments, business data or production experiences to form important valuable resources of company, provide continuous training opportunities for employees, summarize experience, encourage innovation and enhance company cohesion.

Let WayKen be the safest and most dependable choice
for your next manufacturing project.

Inspection and Quality Control Procedures in Our CNC Machine Shop

Our quality process is run through the whole projects from RFQs to production shipment.

Quality prototype parts
quality prototyping

Consistent quality control, from part to part, product to project, we pay attention to detail, problem-solving, researching new materials and processes, investing in technology, building and sustaining a team of professional rapid manufacturing.

Quality Inspection Equipment

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