We will always do our best to meet your design and manufacturing needs.

  • CNC Machining​ Services
  • CNC Aluminum Machining
  • Clear Optical Prototypes
  • Urethane Vacuum Casting
  • Rapid Tooling Services
  • 3D Printing Service
  • Finishing Services
  • CNC Machining​ Services

    Find the best fit CNC machining service for your plastic and metal parts, and produce and deliver on-demand.

    CNC Aluminum | WayKen

    CNC Aluminum Machining

    Our complete CNC aluminum service will accompany your aluminum machining project from the prototype construction to the ended aluminum parts manufacturing.

    Prototyping Clear Parts - WayKen

    Clear Optical Prototypes

    We always focus on prototyping clear parts, and have the expertise in precision machining and rapid tooling required for custom optical prototypes.

    Urethane Vacuum Casting

    Vacuum casting is a prototype manufacturing process that uses silicone molds to quickly create urethane casting parts for the production of small series of functional plastic parts.

    Rapid Tooling | WayKen

    Rapid Tooling Services

    Quickly and costly get your molded parts with the production-grade material and technology process by using the rapid tooling, for low volume rapid injection molding.

    3D Printing Service | WayKen

    3D Printing Service

    Professional rapid prototyping 3D printing service, whether it is accurate SLA 3D printing or durable SLS 3D printing, you can perfectly realize your design without any restrictions.

    Finishing Services - WayKen

    Finishing Services

    WayKen provides a variety of finishing services that can be tailored to meet the specifications of your product design.

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