CNC Turning Services

Our fast, precise CNC turning services include the provision of extensive guidance and support to clients from the beginning up until the completion of parts in our CNC machining center.

What Is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is the process of remove material from a rotating workpiece using the linear path of tools on a CNC lathe. In a simple perspective, the main elements involved in this process are the rotating spindle in which your work part is clamped and the cutting tool that is mounted on a turret.

Here at Wayken’s CNC turning center, we are highly capable of producing complex and critically dimensioned custom parts through our CNC lathes, providing high-quality CNC turned parts in metal or plastic for rapid prototyping or low volume production.

CNC Turning Services - WayKen
CNC Turned Parts - WayKen

Why Choose CNC Turning?

  • Parts with rotary surfaces that require precision machining
    CNC turning is the right process if your parts require controlled concentricity, stable runout, and accurate threaded profiles.

  • Automated and cost-effective
    CNC lathes are highly automated, providing efficient products that can reduce labor; CNC turning is highly scalable and that makes this process adaptable to both low and high volume production without that much cost.

  • Multiple compatible metals and plastic materials
    CNC turned parts can be made from an exceptionally wide range of metal and plastic materials. For example, metals include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, etc., as well as plastics ABS, POM, PEEK, acrylic, nylon, etc.

  • CNC mill-turn lathe provides multi-tasking capability
    Multi-axis CNC turning centers and mill-turn lathes allow for multiple processes and multi-step machining operations on a single machine, making them a cost-effective option for complex geometries.
  • Turning things for the Better

    A typical CNC lathe has one spindle equipped with a chuck to clamp and revolve the part at the required cutting speed. However, you can’t machine the area of the part that is held by the chuck. So, a turning lathe with two spindles on the opposite sides was developed. Basically, once the first side of the part is complete, the second spindle mounted with a chuck moves toward the first spindle and takes the part from it. That way, there is no need to stop the program, open the safety door, reset the part manually.
    Our CNC machining center always has a way to make things better for you by continuously providing you brilliant solutions from our experienced technical team.

    Advanced CNC Turning Capabilities At WayKen

  • State of the Art CNC Machines
    Our precision CNC machining capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, and turn-milling to exact specifications. This ensures high accuracy for your parts and high efficiency for your production and enables fast, efficient and cost-effective conversion of single prototypes to mass production.

  • Additional Value-Added Services
    We strive to provide additional custom manufacturing for our diverse customer base, including expanded secondary operations and surface treatment capabilities. Examples include EDM, wire EDM, anodizing, powder coating, passivation, plating, heat treatment, and final product assembly.
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    cnc turning production parts - WayKen
  • Provide Efficient Turning Operations
    Our CNC lathes can provide efficient boring operations with live tooling. Mount the boring head with one, two, or multiple cutters into the tailstock or the rotates head and process deep or large diameter holes with the same precision and rigidity parameters. It saves your time and the precision of the turning parts is higher.

  • Experienced Technical Team
    Our experienced team specializes in producing highly accurate prototypes and end-use products for industries with strict quality standards and tight tolerance requirements.

  • Excellent Customer Support
    We are committed to fully satisfying the unique needs of each customer by continually improving our turning operations and embracing new industry technologies. Entrust your parts with a partner willing to provide unprecedented support for your parts.
  • Basic Types of CNC Turning Processes

    The process range of CNC turning is very wide, which can be processed various types of rotary surfaces, such as external turning, internal turning, taper turning, parting, facing, boring, reaming, drilling, knurling, threading, grooving, etc.

    O.D. and I.D. Turning – For machining precise cylindrical features.  For machining precise cylindrical features. Turned parts can continue to be machined in depth, with visible tool marks (Tool used: General turning tool)
    Parting and Grooving – For parting off, or cutting a “groove” profile in either the internal or external part of a part (Tool used: Parting and grooving inserts)
    Facing – Flattening the face of the workpiece (Tool used: Facing tool)
    Boring and Reaming – Enlarging or finishing of existing holes to obtain highly accurate diameters (Tool used: Boring and reaming tools)
    Drilling – Remove materials to drill holes from the inside of a workpiece (Tool used: Drills)
    Threading – Machining of threads by turning, may be done in either the internal or external area of the workpiece. (Tool used: Threading tools)

    precision turned parts - WayKen
    turning parts - wayken

    Applications of CNC Turning Services and Parts

  • Prototype CNC Machining
    Prove and refine designs by verifying engineering-grade materials, complex geometries, tight tolerances, and testing components for suitability and manufacturability.

  • Custom Parts Manufacturing
    Production-grade CNC turned parts custom-made to specific specifications and needs, meeting high precision and quality, as well as on-time delivery and cost effectiveness. Our subtractive manufacturing method provide CNC machined parts having particular form that also are highly use in medical devices with low cost.

  • Rapid Tooling Mold
    Mold manufacturing requires considerable metalworking skills, including rapid machining as well as advanced cutting in different types of aluminum and steel, used to quickly create molds and fixtures.
  • By automating the machining process, our CNC turning service & other services provide a faster, more cost-effective way to manufacture highly accurate prototypes and end-use parts.

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