Precision Machining Services

WayKen’s precision machine shop is dedicated to producing high-quality precision machined parts that meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Tolerance as tight as ±0.01 mm
  • 100% part inspection
  • 24/7 Engineering support

What is Precision Machining?

Precision machining is the process of using precision machinery to manufacture prototypes or parts. This precision manufacturing process should meet strict design specifications, critical tolerances, and manufacturing standards.

High precision machining is usually an ideal choice for parts with complex features and tight machining tolerances. So, when looking for precision machining services, you’d better work with a reliable company.

Our Precision Machining Capabilities

At WayKen, we offer an extensive range of machining services, including precision turning, milling, grinding, and EDM. With in-house engineering assistance and over 20 years of machining experience, we are the right precision machining company to choose for your industry projects.

milling process

Precision Milling

We use precision milling for complex parts with high-quality multi-axis CNC machines. As a professional machining company, we can make precision milling parts with tolerances down to ± 0.01mm, even to ± 0.005mm.

Precision Turning

Precision turning is a process that uses a single-point cutting tool to create precise cylindrical cuts into a rotating material. This automated technique makes it ideal for manufacturing round or tubular-shaped parts.

Precision Grinding

The precision grinding services include surface grinding, centerless, and O.D. grinding for parts finishing. These precision components are used range from aerospace to medical industry and more.

EDM and Wire EDM

As advanced machining processes, EDM and wire EDM utilize electrical discharges to remove material from the workpiece, offering high accuracy and intricate detailing capabilities to meet specific needs.

Why Choose WayKen for Precision Machining Services?

Precision machining is an important stage of product development. Our prototyping and low-volume parts manufacturing capabilities make us your one-stop manufacturer for precision machining projects.

  • Free Quote and DFM Analysis
    You can instantly get free quotes by uploading your design files. Our engineers provide 24/7 support that can swiftly analyze your precision part design, offering competitive pricing and comprehensive DFM feedback in real-time.
  • Consistency and Repeatability
    Our precision machining service for low and high volume production ensures repeatable and consistent results. You can get high-precision machining parts from 1 to 10,000 without the concession on cost and quality.
  • Precision & Precise Details
    We can produce complex-shaped parts with tolerances down to ± 0.01mm, a minimum machined radius of R0.1mm, and a machined surface roughness of Ra0.2μm. We also often challenge optical parts with precision details.
  • Cost-Effective and Fast Turnaround
    Our experienced engineers will provide you with the most cost-effect machining solution according to your design files. We also offer one on one support, ensure 95% on-time delivery, and parts shipping within 7 days or less.

Quote Now to Start Your Precision Machining Project

How to Improve the Accuracy of Precision Machining?

WayKen specializes in manufacturing various micro to large complexity precision machining parts. We are committed to meeting your specific accuracy and tolerance requirements.

  • Reasonably design the structure of the parts to reduce the stress concentration during machining and improve the accuracy of the machined parts.
  • Heat treatment of materials to improve strength and reduce internal stresses. Also, control the precision machining process to reduce or eliminate machining defects.
  • Upgrading to a 5-axis machine or a 3+2 configuration is one of the fastest ways to improve the speed and accuracy of machining.
  • Well-designed jigs and fixtures ensure repeatability of machining accuracy and improve machining efficiency. Using the updated CAM software and computer hardware to accommodate higher levels of precision.
inspection of machined parts

Gallery of Precision Machined Parts

Check out our display of prototypes and parts with precise details. At WayKen, you can confidently get the best precision machined parts!

precision machining metal
acrylic lighting prototype
precision turning parts
optical parts
5 axis milling prototype
precision milling part

What do you need to know about?

Precision Machining FAQs

We offer a comprehensive precision machining service, from creating prototypes for functional testing to developing end-use products from several applications. Get answers to your precision machining questions.

Can you provide surface finishing for precision machined parts?

We provide a wide range of surface finishes for high-precision components. Some of these finishes include bead blasting, brushing, electroplating & electroplating, passivation, anodizing, chrome plating, polishing, and many more. These finishes protect the components from harsh conditions, improve the part’s function, or enhance its aesthetic appearance.

What information do you need for a precision machining quote?

To make the quotation process easy, you will need to provide the following:

  • A 3D CAD file and 2D CAD drawing (with reference dimensions) of the intended component
  • Desired material specification
  • Quantity of the order, either annual volume or one-time production
  • Required tolerance limits
  • Surface finishing

What is your MOQ for precision machining services?

WayKen does not have minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. Our precision machining services can support you with high-precision parts from 1 to 10000 without compromising quality. From one-off prototypes to high-volume productions, we are always ready to work with you!

How can you ensure the quality of my machined parts?

WayKen is an ISO-certified company. We strictly adhere to the ISO 9001 quality management system, ensuring continuous optimization and improvements of our manufacturing capabilities. Our precision machining services encompass quality control and quality assurance processes, including standardized procedures and advanced testing at each production stage. Your products will always meet quality requirements.

Ready to Get Started with the Best Precision Machining Service?

Our precision machining factory is equipped for 24/7 non-stop manufacturing, maintaining quality standards, and operating efficiently. This allows us to offer the best services for manufacturing parts to your specifications at competitive pricing and faster turnarounds.

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