Precision Machining Services

WayKen’s precision machine shop is dedicated to producing high-quality precision machined parts that meet and exceed customer expectations.

What is CNC Precision Machining?

Precision Machining is a manufacturing process for a particular part or object that can remove extra materials from a workpiece while securing critical tolerance finishes. There are many different types of precision machines, such as milling, turning, and EDM machining. These precision machines are usually controlled by CNC (Computer numerical control) and follow strict design specifications and manufacturing guidelines.

WayKen offers quality precision machining for the manufacturing of parts with complex features. With in-house engineering assistance, professional machining experience, a full range of secondary operations, and our capabilities in prototype and low-volume production, we are your one-stop shop for precision CNC machining.


Why Choose CNC Precision Machining for Your Project?

  • Precision CNC machines with multi-coordinate linkage for the machining of complex shaped parts.
  • CNC precision machining achieves higher machining accuracy, consistent machining quality and very tight tolerances.
  • High repeatability, suitable for low- and high-volume orders and easy product quality control.
  • Design changes only need to change the NC program, which can save production preparation time.
  • The CNC machine itself is high precision and high rigidity, allowing you to choose a favourable cutting volume and improve machining efficiency (generally 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machines).
  • High degree of machine automation reduces labour intensity.
  • What are the Types of Precision Machining?

  • Precision CNC milling for high precision, complex and low-volume parts with exceptional advantages.
  • CNC lathes are also high precision automated machines, ideal for creating round or tubular shaped parts.
  • Precision grinding of metals, including surface grinding, centreless and O.D. grinding, for more precise tolerances and surface finishes.
  • High-performance EDM and Wire EDM can achieve ultra-precision and surface quality by means of tool-to-workpiece electrical discharge machining.
  • Benefits of WayKen’s Precision CNC Machining Services

    With our advanced technological advantages and CNC machining experience, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of medium to high complexity precision parts, from prototype machining to mass production, we provide competitive precision machining services and have been the preferred precision machine shop for businesses in many industries.


    Experience and Expertise
    Having accumulated rich, deep experience from many previous projects, our engineers can handle complex and precise parts in multiple industries.

    Advanced In-house Equipment
    Your parts will be manufactured and inspected with our advanced in-house equipment, including 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines, CMM, and so on.

    Tight Tolerances & Precise Details
    We can produce high precision intricate parts with dimensional tolerances of ±0.01mm, geometric tolerances of 0.01mm, the minimum machined radius R0.1mm, and machined surface roughness Ra0.2μm. We also often challenge optical parts with precision detail-oriented.

    Faster Turnaround
    You will get fast quote returns within 24 hours, 95% on-time delivery and parts shipping within 7 days or less.

    ISO 9001 Certified
    From the first article quality checks for prototype machining through 100% part inspection. We ensure that our quality tests are as accurate as our CNC manufacturing process.

    Consistency and Repeatability
    Our CNC precision machining for mass production ensures repeatable and consistent results. You can get high quality parts from 1 to 10000 without the concession on cost and quality.


    How to Improve the Precision of CNC Machining?

  • Reasonably design the structure of the parts to reduce the stress concentration during machining and improve the accuracy of the parts.
  • Heat treatment of materials to improve strength and reduce internal stresses, and controlled machining processes to reduce or eliminate machining defects.
  •  Upgrading to a 5-axis machine or a 3+2 configuration is one of the fastest ways to improve the speed and accuracy of CNC machining.* Well-designed jigs and fixtures ensure repeatability of machining accuracy and improve machining efficiency.
  • Upgrading your CAM software and computer hardware to accommodate higher levels of precision will also improve your processes.
  • Upgrade and maintain the machine and ensure that it has a flat, thermally stable and robust base to absorb vibrations.
  • The correct selection and use of tools is essential to improve the dimensional stability of machining.
  • Our CNC department is equipped for 24/7 non-stop manufacturing, maintaining quality standards and operating efficiently to maintain tight production schedules and manufacture precision machined parts to your specifications.

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