Prototyping for Design & Engineering Validation

Transition the product development process from engineering prototype to engineering validation, design verification, and production verification.

What is Engineering Prototype

Use Engineering Prototypes to Ensure Design for Manufacturability

During product development phases, product validation testing procedures become paramount to provide test and analysis results. First, building an engineering prototype is essential. It is a series of components created by combining engineering and design to represent the end product. Such powerful and high-precision pilot production prototypes often manufactured using rapid prototyping undergo rigorous test and evaluation to validate product design, engineering, and manufacturability.

Prototyping For Design & Engineering
Engineering prototyping and testing

Why Validation and Testing

Prototype Engineering Focuses on Optimizing Mass Production

As product development moves into subsequent phases when design and engineering meet, engineering prototyping and testing help identify problems. Identifying improvements and iterating before investing in expensive tools and putting them into production makes the future production process as smooth and reliable as possible.

The design can be verified to meet the expected product specifications and performance through a series of verification test processes, including basic functional testing, manufacturing processes, performance parametric measurements and certification standards verification. The goal is to verify that the design has been properly implemented into production.

Choose the Right Prototype Partner for Your Design & Engineering Validation

How to Test in 3 Different Engineering Validation Stages

Verification is a progressively rigorous process that combines design and engineering development alongside prototyping and manufacturing and is designed to provide objective, comprehensive testing to meet the product’s intended design requirements, performance, specifications and standards, and to ensure that mass production can be sustained.

Engineering Verification Tests (EVT)

EVT verifies product compliance with a design specification functional requirements. EVT versions stem from CNC machining, vacuum casting, or rapid tooling.

Prototyping for Engineering Validation Test
Prototyping for Design Verification Test

Design Validation Testing (DVT)

DVT is an intensive series of test procedures that verify product compliance with specifications, industry standards, and certifications. It also refines tools and processes for consistent production runs, while using pre-production components to meet ideal testing requirements.

Production Validation Testing (PVT)

PVT is the first trial production run to identify flaws during each production line stage and evaluate optimization. The entire production line undergoes testing to ensure quality assurance.

Prototyping for Production Verification Test
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