3 Tips for Improving Prototype Design


Posted on: Aug 11, 2017 | By Dorothy, WayKen Marketing Manager

Coming up with a new product or a brilliant twist on an old one is only half the battle in the world of manufacturing and prototyping. Before you are ready to send off that prototype design, do consider the following three ways that can improve the results.

1. Check Your CAD File

If you think your CAD file is finished, go ahead and check it again. It seems like a simple step, but it is one that too many people often forget to do. Since prototyping reads directly from the CAD file, it is important that everything be completely accurate. This is even more critical if your product has complex geometrical patterns or if you are trying to produce a short run cast for parts production, for example. The tiniest error could mean a failed product. It starts with the CAD file.

2. Think about Finishing Options

Just having the raw prototype in your hands may not be enough. Who is using this product now? Are you putting this in the hands of your investors? Are you testing this product for performance? If so, then finishing becomes more important than if you simply need a good look at what you’re producing. From sanding by hand to painting or vapor polishing, the finish will all depend on what you need to do with the prototype.

3. Plan Your Next Step Carefully

Therefore, you need to really think about what your next move with the product will be. Prototypes often go through several iterations before actual production, so now is the time to think about who gets this prototype next, what critical components will need to be tested, etc.

Planning your next move before you send off your prototype design can be very beneficial. Wayken is here to support every step of the process, from design to production. Consult with our qualified engineers to determine what composite materials and finishing may best meet your needs.

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