Custom Electronic Component Enclosures: A Case of PCIe Adapter

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At a Glance of the Project

IndustryConsumer Electronics
ProductElectronic component enclosure
ChallengesHigh-precision assembly requirements, fast delivery
TechnologyCNC machining, sheet metal cutting and bending
MaterialAluminum 6063, galvanized sheet steel
Surface finishAnodizing
Quantity100 Sets
Lead Time16 Business days

About Customer and Product

Eleanore is an engineer in the consumer electronics industry. His company recently wanted a custom metal enclosure for a PCIe adapter. Since the product is currently in the development stage, Eleanore needs 100 sets of enclosures to validate the product’s functionality and get it to market quickly. So he approached WayKen to help manufacture these enclosures. Eleanore has had many pleasant cooperation experiences with WayKen, and he trusted us to help him deliver high-quality parts in the short term.

metal adapter shell

Machining Challenges for Custom Electronic Component Enclosures

While evaluating the drawings, we knew that the components part of the PCIE adapter enclosures had various structures, such as flat parts, shaft parts, bracket parts, and some standard parts. Because of the various structures and various material requirements, it also needed different processes for production.

For example, the bracket parts, such as “frame” “handle, and “latch” were processed by CNC machining, and the flat parts like “tray” were processed by sheet metal fabrication.

In addition, the delivery of 100 sets of product-level quality electronic component enclosures within 16 days and manufacturing by different processes and materials was exactly a challenge for production management. But at WayKen, our extensive manufacturing technology, years of experience, and ability to consolidate resources could meet various machining requirements for this electronic component enclosure project.

How WayKen Got Electronic Component Enclosure Made?

The processing method that combined CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication not only met the accuracy requirements but also allowed us to have faster delivery and lower costs. While quoting, we also offered DFM to help optimize the design to ensure assembly accuracy and reduce costs. Let’s check how WayKen did quality control to ensure the delivery of high-quality enclosures.

DFM Feedback to Design to Ensure Functions

enclosure structure

When evaluating the enclosure parts, we found the design interferences that affected the assembly. If processed according to Eleanore’s design, the part “handle” marked in green would get stuck when rotating along the axis and would not be used smoothly. Therefore, for this part, we recommended removing its blue marked area;

In addition, for the part “frame” marked blue, we recommended filling the groove position until the red line is flush with the side. After modifying the design, the part “handle” could rotate smoothly to achieve mechanical functions.

Provide Cost-effective Machining Solutions

chamfer on enclosure

For the part “frame,” we recommended changing the Radius marked by the red arrow to the Chamfer. Because during the processing, the Radius marked by the red arrow was easy to break. But it could avoid changing the Radius to Chamfer. What’s more, machining Chamfer is also easier than the Radius, and its cost is lower than machining Radius.

Ensure Consistent Surface Treatments Result 

consistent anodized surface

To avoid color differences during the anodizing process, we carefully chose the dye for anodizing and adjusted the pH value of the dye solution to the standard value. In addition, we appropriately extended the oxidation time and increased the oxidation temperature to ensure that the thickness of the oxide film reached the standard thickness and to prevent the film from becoming dense. Our standard anodizing process ensured that the color of the PCIe enclosure was consistent.

Strict Quality Control and Inspection

electronic enclosure part assembly

Wayken’s production department developed strict process flow charts to ensure that enclosure parts were machined as scheduled. After the electronic component enclosure was completed, the quality inspection department strictly inspected the dimensional tolerances according to the 2D drawings and checked the product structure with the 3D drawings.

In order to make the whole project run smoothly, we also provided the first part inspection. Strictly in accordance with the customer’s assembly method, the QC department conducted an assembly inspection of the first product to see if there were any gaps or drops during the assembly process as well as the smoothness of the use after the assembly of the part.

Future Plan

After receiving the PCIe adapter enclosures, Eleanore was very satisfied and said “The accuracy, assembly, and appearance of the products all met my requirements. We are looking forward to cooperating with WayKen on more projects in the future!”

If you are looking for low-volume manufacturing services, here at WayKen, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services for your low-volume metal/plastic prototypes and parts. Contact us to get more information!

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