CNC Machining Technology Can Simplify Complex Workpieces


Posted on Oct. 18th, 2019, | By WayKen

With the diversification of enterprise development, the shape of workpieces to be processed varies, and the structure tends to be complex and integrated. The complex workpiece structure is difficult to formulate high-quality process planning, which makes the processing process very complex, and also brings great challenges to enterprise CNC machining technology.

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From the point of view of the diversity characteristics of the complex workpiece, the typical features of the complex attacking workpiece are identified and analyzed by means of CNC milling tools, and the database of our company is established. The database is helpful to simplify the process of complex workpieces, improve work efficiency, and processing accuracy.

Analysis of CNC Milling Technology for Complex Workpieces

As we all know, processing of complex workpiece is difficult. In order to achieve high efficiency and high-quality CNC processing, reasonable process planning should be specified first. Process planning not only has a direct relationship with the quality and processing efficiency of CNC products but also brings some difficulties to CNC programming. Thus affecting the production cost of products and improving customer processing budget.

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The process characteristics of complex workpiece refer to that workpiece plays a key role in the process of processing, and it also needs specific processing equipment (such as 3-axis or 5-axis CNC) to improve its quality and implement its technology. In the process planning, the selection of process technology should be based on the used characteristics and shape characteristics of complex workpieces.

In addition to the first time, when the complex workpiece is processed, the larger workpiece characteristics bring great limitations to CNC technology, which is also the reason why more and more complex workpieces are processed by 3-axis CNC machine tools. In the process of using five-axis CNC machining, attention should be paid to process planning according to the class, size, and comprehensive data of complex workpiece, and find out the feasibility of implementing the new CNC technology and the possibility of improving the processing efficiency. For example, in the CNC process planning of complex workpiece, the machine tool used in processing, the specific processing sequence, the tool used and the tool path should be used.

Detailed investigation and analysis are carried out. Geometric models are used to automatically identify the features of complex workpieces in the process planning process. The CNC machining features of complex workpieces are derived, and the same or similar workpieces are integrated and analyzed. On this basis, the processing sequence of design and the sequence of technical operations is specified. Within the allowable range of conditions, the CNC process planning library, CNC process method library, and CNC process fixture library can also be built.

With the help of these CNC process library, high-efficiency process planning and interactive design can be realized, and then the equipment for CNC processing of complex workpieces can be quickly determined, and the processing methods and parameters can be determined, so as to reduce the number of CNC designers. The workload of staff greatly improves the efficiency of CNC technology process planning and ensures the quality of products processed by CNC technology.

WayKen has more than 20 years of experience in CNC machining, the most important thing is to have a strong project programming team. In a long period of work, the database inside the team is accumulated. In the face of complex workpieces, we can find the corresponding similar projects, so as to solve the programming problems, save project time, and improve the qualified rate of the project. It can be said that programmers directly determine the processing accuracy and efficiency of complex parts, thus affecting their performance.

Application of WayKen Machining Database in Practical Cases

In the process of CNC machining, the types and shapes of complex workpieces are various, and complex technical operations are needed in the process of machining. However, from the point of view of the characteristics of complex workpieces, it has a positive impact on simplifying complex workpieces.

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From the point of view of complex workpiece characteristics, the digitalization, integration, and automation of CNC machining process can be realized. It greatly saves the time wasted in CNC programming and reduces the scrap rate of products. Following, we will take the shape of the tooth as an example to illustrate the important role of the feature recognition of the tooth in CNC processing.

As can be seen from the table below, when we got this Aluminium reflector, the difficulty of this project was that these teeth were difficult to process. We can find the feature model of similar geometric shapes that we have done before, which is our database project. Although the two materials are different and the size is different, they have the same tooth structure. Based on the above work programming experience, data processing process planning is carried out, and then the selection of CNC machining method, fixture, machine tool, tool selection, and parameter selection are determined, as shown in the following flowchart. Based on the long time summary of WayKen, the Aluminum reflector takes only 8 days. Compared with no database, there is no feature analysis, no generalization, saving 2 days, nearly saving 20% time, and greatly reducing the error rate in processing.

Of course, another important item in the database is those items that are wrong in processing. Summarize the errors in the previous processing of these special shaped items, so as to avoid the same errors in the next production process. The long-term accumulation and the integration of huge data systems will make a great contribution to the intelligent manufacturing of WayKen in the future.

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In today’s era of data, having data can occupy the market. The same is true of manufacturing industry. It is precisely the large amount of processing data and error summary accumulated by WayKen before, and it is collated into a database, which greatly reduces the production time and scrap rate in the current production and processing. For customers, save time and cost, for WayKen, improve production efficiency. This is WayKen’s most valuable asset.

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