Prototype Machining

CNC prototyping is an optimal solution for custom machined prototypes, meeting your strict specifications such as engineering-grade materials, tight tolerances, complex geometries, and best efficiency.

Rapid Prototype Machining Services

WayKen provides high-quality rapid prototype CNC machining services to customers worldwide. Get highly accurate parts and full-functioning engineering prototypes with our CNC prototyping capabilities. Bring your product from the design and prototyping stage through full production is our mission!

What is CNC Prototyping?

CNC rapid prototyping is the process of CNC machining to create plastic and metal prototypes, allowing your design team to closely simulate the appearance, function, and material properties of the final product, and test the suitability and manufacturability of components to prove and perfect their design.

Why use CNC for rapid prototyping?

CNC prototype machining can use a variety of production-grade plastic and metal materials, which allows engineers to use the same (or similar) materials as the final part to make prototypes to test the product’s performance, function, and manufacturing cost.

CNC prototype machining allows a higher level of accuracy and precision to be achieved, typically tight tolerance of ±0.05mm or better. And these are repeatable tolerances that can be achieved time and time again during low volume production runs.

Prototype machining provides a consistently smooth surface finish with a typical machined surface roughness of Ra 1.6μm and super-finish machined surfaces up to Ra 0.2μm. additional costs.

The design can be iterated very quickly by changing just a few lines of the G-code program. This is very useful for prototyping, giving you the opportunity to test several different versions and evaluate the results immediately. Dynamic design modifications can significantly shorten the product development cycle without adding any additional costs.

Professional Prototype Machining Services to Ensure Quality and Precision, With a Commitment to Fast Delivery.

Our Competitive Advantage
in Prototype Machining

We combine our extensive technical strength and industry experience with advanced manufacturing processes and machining equipment to create high-quality CNC prototypes and precision machined components.
WayKen makes every effort to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers across the industrials, gaining experience and broad knowledge in how to manufacture parts exactly to customer specifications. We understand the importance of you receiving your prototype parts on time, which is why we place great priority on on-demand manufacturing and on-time delivery.

Comprehensive Machining Capabilities

We are equipped with advanced CNC machine tools to provide fully integrated prototype machining capabilities. From 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC milling and CNC turning, to auxiliary drilling, tapping, EDM, and wire EDM, all of these go beyond traditional setups and machining practices and ensure that we can perform complex machining tasks on time.

Optimized DFM And One-To-One Collaboration

Our team works closely with customers to enable you to get a better manufacturing experience. Experienced engineers are available to provide technical support and offer manufacturing design assistance for your project, and a professional sales team always pays attention to your every detail needs and project progress, and provides one-to-one follow-up services. traditional setups and machining practices and ensure that we can perform complex machining tasks on time.

Expert at High Complexity and Precision Machining

One-stop Custom Finishes

WayKen provides an integrated finishing service to meet your diverse needs. Not only do we offer a complete range of post finishing in-house, including hand finishing, sanding, blasting, polishing, painting, and printing, but we can also combine external resources to offer a variety of special surface treatment options such as anodising, powder coating, electroplating and more.

ISO9001 Certified Prototype Factory

WayKen has a well-equipped quality assurance department and a quality management system. We bring quality awareness to every part we machine, monitoring and measuring quality at all stages of production. Our professionally trained QC and QA teams are able to check and ensure that your projects meet strict quality specifications.

We are committed to delivering you the high-quality components you deserve for your CNC prototyping projects.

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